Microbiology and Biotech Programmes




Admission Requirements

Regular undergraduate students are admitted into the programme through University Matriculation Examination (UME), Direct Entry and JUPEB

Minimum of five (5) O’ LEVEL credits to include: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology obtained in not more than two sittings.


The candidate must have a first degree in Pharmacy, microbiology, biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Zoology, Combined Biological Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Candidates with Unclassified professional degrees in Pharmacy (B.Sc, Pharm D, B.Pharm), Medicine (MBBS or MBChB) or Dentistry (BDS) and Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with a FCGPA of not less than 3.0 from Nnamdi Azikiwe  University or a recognized University.



A candidate who holds a Masters’ degree in Pharmaceutical Microbiology or Biotehcnology or a Masters’ degree in Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Zoology (parasitology option), Medical microbiology, Veterinary Microbiology or Medical laboratory Sciences (Microbiology option) with a FCGPA of not less than 3.50 on a 5-point scale or an average of 70 % from Nnamdi Azikiwe University or a recognized University may be admitted provided the University Matriculation requirement is satisfied.



1st Year, First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ICH101Basic Organic Chemistry2
ICH111Basic Inorganic Chemistry2
BIO101General Biology 12
PHY101General Physics 13
PHY103General Physics 1113
PHY107General Physics Lab 11
MAT101General mathematics 13
GSS 101Use of English 11
GSS 105Humanities2
GSS107Nigerian Peoples and Culture2
GSS108Basic Igbo Studies 11
CSCIntroduction to Computer Programming2


1st Year, Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ICH102Basic Physical Chemistry2
ICH112Basic Practical Chemistry1
BIO102General Biology 113
BIO103General Practical Biology1
PHY102General Physics 113
PHY108General Physics Lab 111
MAT102General Mathematics 113
GSS102Use of English 111
GSS106Social Sciences2
GSS109Basic Igbo Studies 111
CSC102Introduction to Computer Programming 112
ZOO102Introduction to Zoology2



2nd Year, First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCL201Introduction to Pharmacy Practice2
PTE203Pharmaceutical Calculations2
PMB205Introduction to Biochemistry3
PCO211Human Gross Anatomy/Neuroanatomy2
PCG221Introductory Pharmacognosy2
PCO213Introduction to Human Physiology 12
PCO215General Principles of Physiology2
PMC231General Pharmaceutical & inorganic chemistry2
PMB281Introductory Pharmaceutical Microbiology2
PCO217Practical Human Anatomy/Histology1
PMB283Practical Introductory Pharmaceutical Microbiology1



2nd Year, Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCO214Introduction to Human Physiology 112
PCG222Indigenous Medicinal Plants2
PMC232General Physical,Organic and Radio Chemistry3
PTE242Introduction to pharmaceutics3
PMB202Introductory Practical Biochemistry1
UMT100University Mandatory Information Technology Training0
PHM204Use of Library and Study Skills1
PCO212Human Genetic Anatomy/Histology2
PCG224Practical Pharmacognosy1
PMC234Practical Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry1
PTE244Practical Pharmaceutics (Dispensing)1
ENT200Entrepreneurship education and new venture creation0



3rd Year, First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCG321Natural Products3
PMC331Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry3
PTE341Physical Pharmaceutics3
PCO351Principles of Pharmacology2
PCO353Pharmacology of GIT and Peripheral nervous systems2
PCL371Introducti0n to Pharmacy Administration & Management2
PMB381Antimicrobial Pharmaceutical Products2
PCG323Practical Pharmacognosy 111
PTE343Practical  Physical Pharmaceutics1
PMB383Practical Antimicrobial Agents evaluation1


3rd Year, Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PMC332Pharmaceutical Specification and Standardization2
PTE342Unit Operations2
PCO352Pharmacology of Cardiovascular and central nervous system2
PCL362Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics2
PCL364Health Psychology2
PHM306Biostatistics and Research Methods in Pharmacy3
PMB382Sterile Products Technology3
PMC334Practical Pharm. Qualitative Analysis1
PCO354Practical Pharmacology 11
PTE344Practical Unit Operations & Dispense Systems1
PMB384Practical Sterile Products Technology1
ENT300Entrepreneurial Skills0


4th Year, First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCG421Phytoevaluation and phytoanalysis2
PTE441Tblet & Capsule Technology2
PCL461Pathology for Pharmacy Students2
PCL471Pharmacy Ethics & Jurisprudence3
PMC431Instrumental Methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis2
PMB481Evaluation of antimicrobial agents2
PMB483Advanced Practical antimicrobial agents Evaluation1
PCO453Practical Pharmacology 111
PMC433Practical Pharmaceutical Analysis 111
PMC435Practical Pharmaceutical Synthesis1
PTE443Practical Tablet and Capsule Technology1


4th Year, Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PMC432Medicinal Chemistry3
PMB482Basic Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and immunology3
PMB484Practical Introductory Pharmaceutical Biotechnology1
PTE444Advanced Dispensing2
PCG422Practical Phytoevaluation and Phytoanalysis1
PCL462Introduction to Clinical and Public Health Pharmacy2
PCO452Pharmacology of Endocrine and Respiratory Systems2
PTE446Practical Advanced Dispensing1
PCL464Supply Chain Management of Pharmaceutical and other heallth commodities3


5th Year, First Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCL561Pathology & Pharmacotherapeutics3
PCG521Herbal,Complementary & Alternative Medicines2
PCO551Screening Methods in Pharmacology2
PTE541Novel Drug Delivery Sysems and Drug Stability3
PMC531Pharmaceutical Analysis and Good Laboratory Principles2
PMB581Clinical Applications of Pharmaceutical Microbiology2
PCL563Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Clinical Safety Evaluations2
PCL571Pharmacy Administration and Management2



5th Year, Second Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
PCL562Drug information,Literature Evaluation & Communication Skills2
PCL564Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship4
PCL566Drug Administration & Patient Medical Assessment2
PMB582Pharmaceutical Biotechnology3
PMC532Medicinal Chemistry,Drug Design and Development3
PTE542Industrial Pharmacy and Process Validation2
PCO552Veterinary Pharmacy and Agrochemicals2
PHM592Research Project4


PG Lectures and Scheduled Lecturers

Master’s Programme (Project Research which is 12)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleLecturer(s)
1PMB 801Research Methods in Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology (Core Course)Prof. Jude N. Okoyeh
2PMB 803Microbial Genetics and Resistance     (Core Course)Dr. Iroha IR
3PMB 805Laboratory Instruction Orientations and Scientific Communication (Core Course)Dr. Ugwu MC
4PMB 841Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology (Specialty 1 ) Prof. Ibeanu GC
5PMB 843Principles and Applications of Microbial Fermentation (Specialty 1 )Dr. Iroha IR
6PMB 845Sources of Antimicrobial Agents        (Specialty 2)Prof. Esimone CO
7PMB 847Evaluation of Antimicrobial Agents   (Specialty 2)Prof. Osazuwa EO
8PMB 881Advanced Pharmaceutical Immunology (Specialty 3)Dr. Oli AN
9PMB 883Vaccine Development (Specialty 3)Dr. Odimegwu DC
10PMB 885Microbiological Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals (Specialty 4)Prof Esimone CO
11PMB 887Formulation of Antimicrobial Agents and Sterile Products (Specialty 4)Prof. Osazuwa EO/ Dr MN Ikegbunam
Second Semester Courses
1PMB 802Advanced General Pharmaceutical Microbiology            (core)Dr. Ugwu MC/Dr Odimegwu DC
2PHM 804Applied Biostatistics (core)Dr. (Mrs.) Uzuke CA
3PMB 806Bioinformatics for Biomedical Scientists (core)Prof.IC Uzochukwu/ Dr MN Ikegbunam
4PMB 842Applications of Cell Culture Techniques in Drug Development  (Specialty 1)Prof. Okoyeh NJ
5PMB 844Gene Therapy (Specialty 1 ) Dr. Odimegwu DC
6PMB 846Anti-parasitic and antiviral drug evaluation    (Specialty 2) Prof. Esimone CO
7PMB 848Pharmacokinetic-Pharmaco-dynamic Evaluation of Antibiotics (Specialty 2)Prof Okoyeh NJ
8PMB 882The Manufacture and Quality Control of Immunological Products (Specialty 3)Dr. Oli AN
9PMB 884Adjuvants, Immunomodulators and Adaptogens (Specialty 3)Prof. Okoyeh NJ
10PMB 886Advanced Sterilization Techniques (Specialty 4)Dr. Ugwu MC
11PMB 888Factory and Hospital Hygiene (Specialty 4)Dr.  MN Ikegbunam
12PMB 892Thesis (Core Course)Project Supervisor(s)

Areas of Specialization:

  1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                       2. Antimicrobial Evaluation
  2. Vaccinology and Immunology Quality Control and Formulation Microbiology


PhD Programme (All courses are 3 Credit Units each while Dissertation is 18)

S/NCourse CodeCourse TitleLecturer(s)
1PMB 901Advanced Antimicrobial Evaluation Methods (Core Course)Prof. Esimone CO
2PMB 981Advanced Vaccine Targeting Strategies (Specialty 3)Dr. Nworu CS
3PMB 983Animal Models for Infectious Diseases (Specialty 4 )                                                                                                     2Prof. Nwanegbo EC
1PMB 902Advanced Molecular Genetics (Core Course) Prof. Ibeanu GC
2PMB 904Research Grant and Proposal Writing (Core Course)Prof. Nwanegbo EC
3PMB 982Applications of Nanomedicines in the treatment of Infectious Diseases (Specialties 1 and 2)Prof. Attama AA
4PMB 990Dissertation (Core Course)Project Supervisor(s)


Areas of Specialization:

  1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  1. Antimicrobial Evaluation
  2. Vaccinology and Immunology
  1. Quality Control and Formulation Microbiology



Dr. M.C. Ugwu




1.Pharm Prof Esimone Charles OProfessorB.Pharm(Nig), M.Pharm(Nig)Ph.D(Nig)
2.Dr Iruoha Ifeanyi RomanusAdjunct Senior LecturerB.Pharm(Nig) M.Pharm(Nig), Ph.D(Nig)
3.Pharm Dr. Odimegwu Damian ChukwuAdjunct Senior LecturerB.Pharm(Nig), M.Pharm(Nig), Ph.D(Germany)
4.Dr. Ugwu Malachy ChigozieLecturer IB. Pharm(Nig), M.Pharm(Nig)Ph.D(Unizik)
5Dr. Oli Angus NnamdiLecturer IB. Pharm(Nig), M. Pharm(Nig),Ph.D(Unizik)
6.Pharm Anagu Linda OnyekaLecturer IIB.Pharm(Nig), M.Pharm(Nig)
7.Pharm Abba ChikaLecturer IB.sc,B. Pharm(Nig), M. Pharm(Nig)
8.Mr Ikegbunam Moses NkechukwuLecturer IIB.sc(Unizik),M.sc(Unizik)



1.Mr Obika OgemonyePrincipal TechnologistHND(IMT Enugu)B.sc(Unizik)
2.Mrs Ike BlessingSenior TechnologistB.sc(Unizik) M.sc(Unizik)
3.Mr Gugu ThadeusTechnologist IHND(Unn),AISLT
4.Mr Alukwe John UcheTecnnologist IIB.sc(Unizik)